Pumps 2000 also has a number of accessories to help you with your pumping applications including suction strainers, float switches, air line diverter (debris trap) and general hose & fitting extras. Please contact us for more assistance in pump selection and setup advice.

Air Inlet Particulate Diverter Valve

A simple device that prevents the effects of prolonged exposure to particulate laden (dirty air). It collects air line dirt that can be ejected by the use of a simple purge valve, with the pump still operating.

Water Monitor Float Switch

Automatic start/stop pumping via a magnetic switch, eliminating the need for electricity. Avoid expensive and unnecessary dry running, easy to install either directly onto the pump or fitted to a pole. Visit our page.

Bore Hole Kit

Float actuated system to pull water directly from a bore hole.

Drum Kits

Pump Frames

Light weight frames for hanging pumps that provide additional protection.

Square Strainer

For slurry pumping applications. When dealing with heavy slurry simply connect a hose from the pumps exhaust to outlet on top of slurry strainer. The exhaust air agitates the slurry keeping the solids in suspension.

Roadside Strainer

Use along gullies or trenches.

Quick Strainer

Use directly on pump suction when pump is submerged in a sump or at the end of the suction hose. For clog free operation simply connect a hose from the pumps exhaust to integral fitting on strainer. See same set up as pictured above for square strainer.

Bore Hole Strainer

Drop directly down a bore hole.

Dolphin Floating Strainer

Use with a ball valve pump to minimize solids.

Reflex Strainer

The Reflex Suction Strainer is designed to survive in hostile and high traffic environments. Moulded from an advanced blend of polymer rubbers, the Reflex Suction Strainer can handle extreme conditions including being run over by vehicles and machinery. Visit our page.